An interesting bit from the Ring of Solomon:

Demon: the actual term used at this juncture was in fact the Old Akkadian word rbisu, which in its origin simply means ‘supernatural being’. But as with the Greek daimon (still several centuries in the future), it was all too often employed as an abusive generality, as likely to refer to a pimple-bottomed imp as to a debonair djinni-about-town.

I just read this yesterday, along with him actually calling Asmira out ↓ 

`Hold on a minute, Faquarl …’ I turned to address the Arabian girl. `Would you mind not using that word?’ I called. `”Demon” is an extremely pejorative term.2 It offends me. The correct way to address either of us would be something along the lines of “Revered djinni” or “Masterful spirit”. All right? Thank you.’

I’ve barely passed this part in the book but it was really relevant to me, that she didn’t call them demons again, she called them “exalted spirits